Upgrade Your Engine with STAN1438 Oil Drain Hose: A Complete Review

Are you tired ​of struggling ‍with messy oil changes on your ​small engines? Look no further than the Oil Drain Hose STAN1438! We recently tested out this convenient and practical solution for Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, and Kohler engines with ⁤a 3/8″ drain port size, and ‌we’re excited ‍to ⁢share our thoughts with you.‍ Say goodbye to cumbersome oil ‌changes and hello to a cleaner, easier​ process with the STAN1438 ⁤Oil ‌Drain Hose. Let’s dive into our review and ⁢see if this product is worth adding to your toolkit.

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The STAN1438 Oil Drain Hose is a versatile ⁤product that is compatible​ with Briggs ⁤& Stratton, Tecumseh, and Kohler engines that‍ have a 3/8″ drain ⁤port⁣ size. ⁤With a 3/8in. Npt ‌drain port and an overall length of 14in.,⁢ this hose is designed to conveniently fit many Tecumseh engines, as well as 16 & 18‌ HP Kohler engines. It’s the perfect replacement‍ part for ⁤STAN1438, ensuring a seamless fit and reliable⁣ performance.

Whether you have a Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, or Kohler engine with a 3/8″ pipe‍ thread oil drain port, this oil drain hose is a⁤ must-have ‌accessory. Its durable construction ​and precise design make it⁢ a reliable solution for draining oil from your engine with ease. Upgrade ‍your engine maintenance routine⁢ with the STAN1438‍ Oil Drain Hose and experience the convenience it brings.

Size: 3/8in. Npt‍ drain port
Overall Length: 14in.
Compatibility: Fits​ many Tecumseh ‍engines
Fits ‍16 ​& 18 HP‌ Kohler engines
Fits any⁣ engine with 3/8″ pipe thread oil ⁤drain⁣ port

Upgrade your engine maintenance routine with the STAN1438 Oil Drain Hose now!

Product ⁤Features

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The STAN1438 Oil Drain ‌Hose is a versatile ‌and convenient tool for⁤ draining oil from Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh,⁣ and⁢ Kohler engines with a ⁣3/8″ drain port size. With an overall length of 14⁣ inches, this hose is compatible ​with many Tecumseh engines as ⁤well as 16 ‍& 18 HP Kohler engines. It is ​designed ​to fit⁤ any engine‌ with a ‍3/8″ ⁣pipe thread oil drain port, making it‍ a practical and user-friendly solution.

Replacing parts⁤ is ‍a ⁤breeze ⁤with the STAN1438 Oil ⁣Drain‍ Hose. Its 3/8in. Npt drain port ensures a secure fit, while the flexible hose allows for‍ easy maneuvering ⁢during oil changes. Say goodbye to messy oil spills and awkward drain pans with ‍this ⁣efficient and reliable drain hose. Upgrade ⁤your engine maintenance routine​ with this essential ⁤tool today!

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Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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When it comes to ‌draining oil from Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, or Kohler engines with a 3/8″ drain port size, the ‍STAN1438 Oil⁣ Drain Hose is a game-changer. This 14-inch⁢ hose​ is designed to make the oil changing process a breeze, fitting ⁢snugly onto the drain port for a secure and leak-free connection. With its 3/8″ NPT ⁤drain port size, this hose is versatile ⁣and can be used with a wide range of engines, making it a must-have​ tool for any DIY mechanic or professional.

One of the standout​ features of the STAN1438 Oil Drain Hose is its high-quality construction. Made from durable materials, ​this hose is built to last,‍ ensuring‍ that ⁣you can rely on it for all your⁢ oil draining needs. Its length provides ample reach to easily drain oil without making a mess, while the 3/8″ pipe thread ​ensures ‌a tight seal for efficient draining. Say goodbye to messy oil changes and make your life easier with the STAN1438 Oil Drain Hose. Don’t miss out on this ⁣essential tool ​- get yours today and experience ⁤the ⁢difference for yourself! Check it out now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the Oil Drain‍ Hose STAN1438, we have found that the majority of ​users⁣ are highly ⁣satisfied ‌with this product. Below ‌are some key points highlighted by our customers:

Riding mowers are always a pain⁣ to change the oil on
Eliminates the problem of oil spills during oil change
Allows for easy and clean ​drainage ‌of used oil

One customer mentioned, “This eliminates that problem. This allows you to direct your used oil to ‍a⁤ catch pan with zero spills or need for a⁤ special funnel.” This goes to show that the ⁤STAN1438 Oil Drain Hose is a convenient and efficient ‍solution for messy oil changes.

Overall, based on customer feedback, we⁣ can confidently say that the STAN1438 Oil Drain Hose is a worthwhile investment ‌for anyone looking to upgrade their engine maintenance process.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Using STAN1438 ​Oil Drain⁤ Hose


  • Convenient and easy way to change the oil in⁣ your engine
  • Works ‌with a variety ⁤of⁢ engine brands including Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, and Kohler
  • Compatible with engines ‌that have a 3/8″ drain port size
  • Provides a mess-free‍ oil draining experience
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance


  • May not fit‍ all‌ engine models, ⁤so be sure to check compatibility before⁢ purchasing
  • Some users may find the 14-inch length to be too short for their specific setup
  • Installation​ may require some⁢ adjustments depending ​on the layout of your engine

Overall, ‍the STAN1438 Oil Drain‌ Hose offers a practical ​solution ⁢for easy ‍oil⁤ changes ⁢in your Briggs⁤ & Stratton, Tecumseh,​ or Kohler engine. While⁢ it ‌may have some limitations, its convenience and⁢ durability make it⁣ a ‌worthwhile addition ⁢to your engine maintenance routine.


Q: Can this oil drain hose be used with engines ‍other ⁢than ‍Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, and Kohler?

A: Yes, the STAN1438 oil ‌drain hose⁢ can be used with any engine that has a 3/8″ pipe thread oil drain ‌port. It is compatible‍ with‍ many Tecumseh engines ​as well as 16‍ & 18 ⁢HP Kohler engines, but⁤ it is not limited to ‍just‍ those⁤ brands.

Q: Is installation difficult⁤ for ​this oil drain hose?

A: Installation is fairly simple‍ and straightforward.‍ The flexible hose allows for easy maneuverability and the 3/8″ ⁤Npt drain port size fits securely onto the engine’s drain port. Just make sure to securely tighten the hose⁤ to prevent any leaks.

Q: ⁤Does the hose ‌hold up well under pressure?

A: The STAN1438⁤ oil drain hose ​is designed​ to⁤ withstand the pressure of engine oil without any issues. It is made of durable‍ materials that can handle the ⁢heat and pressure of⁣ draining​ hot oil from your‍ engine.

Q: Can this oil⁣ drain hose be easily​ removed ⁣for cleaning or replacement?

A:‍ Yes,⁤ the hose can be easily removed when needed for cleaning or replacement. Simply detach it from the‍ engine’s drain port and replace it ⁤with a new one if necessary.

Q: Are there any special ⁤maintenance tips for this oil drain hose?

A: To ensure the longevity of your oil drain hose, we recommend checking it‍ periodically for any signs of wear or‌ damage.‍ If you notice any leaks or cracks, it may be time to replace the hose to prevent any oil leaks during draining.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

As we wrap up‌ our complete review of‌ the⁤ STAN1438 ​Oil Drain Hose,⁤ we can confidently say that this‍ product is a game-changer ‍for anyone ​looking to‌ upgrade their‍ engine maintenance routine. With its ‌compatibility ‌with Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, and Kohler engines with a 3/8″‍ drain port size, this oil drain hose offers convenience and ⁣ease of ​use.

Say goodbye ⁤to messy oil changes and hello to a more efficient‍ and clean process with the⁤ STAN1438 Oil Drain Hose. ‌Don’t wait any longer to streamline your maintenance tasks and improve the lifespan of your engine.

Ready to experience the benefits of the STAN1438 ​Oil Drain Hose for yourself? Click here to purchase your very own and take the ⁣first step​ towards hassle-free oil changes: Get your STAN1438​ Oil Drain Hose now!

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