ECOGARD Diesel Oil Filters: Engine Armor for Mercedes Sprinter

Welcome to our‌ review of ​the ECOGARD X10382 Premium Cartridge Engine‍ Oil Filter, designed ⁣to offer​ top-notch ‍protection for your vehicle’s engine.‍ As enthusiasts who appreciate the inner workings ⁣of our vehicles, ensuring they’re equipped with the best components is paramount to us. And ‍when it comes ⁤to safeguarding your engine, the ECOGARD⁣ X10382 stands out as a reliable choice.

Crafted with precision engineering, this oil filter is tailored for Mercedes-Benz models such as the ⁢Sprinter‌ 2500, GLK250, and E250, among others. ⁤The inclusion of O-rings for both housing and cap ensures a snug​ fit, preventing⁣ any potential leaks or compromises ‌in performance.

What ⁤truly sets the ECOGARD X10382 apart is its ability ⁤to screen ⁢out‌ over 97% of contaminants,‍ ranging from carbon to metal fragments,‍ before they even have a chance to reach your engine. This means greater longevity for your ⁢vehicle’s heart, ⁢translating to fewer worries and‌ more miles of smooth‌ driving.

Compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils, ​this filter⁣ is versatile and adaptable to your⁤ specific needs. Plus, with its proven track record of driving up to ⁣5,000 miles between oil changes, you can hit the road with ⁤confidence, knowing ⁢your⁤ engine‍ is well-protected.

Whether you’re cruising down the highway⁤ or navigating city streets, the ECOGARD X10382 is a dependable companion for your Mercedes-Benz, ‌providing the⁣ peace of mind you deserve. Join us as we delve deeper into our firsthand experience with this premium oil filter, and discover why it’s a must-have for⁢ any‍ discerning⁣ car owner.

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When it⁣ comes to protecting your engine, we⁣ know you ​want the best. That’s why​ we’re excited ⁣to introduce ⁤the ECOGARD X10382 Premium Cartridge Engine Oil Filter. Designed to fit a range of Mercedes-Benz‌ and​ Freightliner models, this ⁤filter is built ‍to screen out over 97% of contaminants ​before ⁢they can ​harm ⁤your engine. It’s a small investment that can lead to​ big savings‍ down the road.

What sets the ECOGARD X10382 apart ‌is its compatibility with ⁣both⁤ synthetic and conventional ⁤oils. This​ means ⁤you can drive‌ up to 5,000 miles between oil changes with ‌confidence, knowing that your engine is⁣ well-protected. With O-rings included for the housing⁢ and​ cap, installation is a breeze. Say goodbye to harmful ‍contaminants like carbon, sand, dust, and metal bits, and say hello to greater ​engine protection ​with the ECOGARD X10382.

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Product Features and Highlights

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In⁣ our ⁤quest to find the ultimate engine protection for our Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Sprinter models, ⁢we stumbled upon a ⁤gem: the cartridge⁢ engine oil filter designed for those who demand‌ both quality and performance in their⁣ diesel engines.⁣ This premium oil filter shines with its ability ‍to screen ⁢out over 97%⁤ of harmful‌ contaminants—think carbon, sand, dust, and ​even tiny bits of metal that could⁤ wreak havoc on your engine. What sets it apart is its versatility, being built ⁢for both synthetic⁣ and conventional oils, allowing us to drive ⁣up to 5,000 miles ⁣between oil changes with absolute confidence. This isn’t ​just a filter; it’s a guardian for our engines.

Included with the filter are essential O-rings for the⁣ housing and cap, ensuring a perfect fit⁤ and​ leak-proof sealing. This ‌compatibility ​extends across a range of models from 2013 to 2020, ⁣including ‌the Freightliner‍ Sprinter 2500 and 3500 2.1L DIESEL, Mercedes-Benz‍ Sprinter 2500 2.0L ‌and 2.1L DIESEL, and more, ⁤underscoring ‌its adaptability ⁢and making it an invaluable addition to our maintenance ⁣routine. Its performance is matched by its ⁢quality,⁢ directly replacing parts from ACDELCO, FRAM,⁣ MERCEDES-BENZ, PUROLATOR, and WIX, ensuring that our vehicles run smoother for​ longer. For those of us keen ‌on preserving‌ the longevity and efficiency of ⁣our engines, this filter⁣ emerges not just as a choice, but ⁣a ​necessity.

Key Features:

  • Engine protection⁢ by screening out 97% of harmful contaminants
  • Compatible with both synthetic and conventional oils
  • Includes O-rings for housing ⁤and cap to ‌ensure a perfect seal
  • Supports up to 5,000 miles between oil changes
  • Direct replacement for ⁢several major brands

Compatibility Table:

Vehicle Model Engine Type Year Range
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter​ 2500 2.1L DIESEL 2014-2017
GLK250 2.1L⁢ DIESEL 2013-2015
E250 2.1L DIESEL 2014-2016

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Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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Our thorough examination ⁤of the⁣ ECOGARD X10382 Premium Cartridge Engine Oil Filter has led ⁢us to some‍ compelling insights and ⁤recommendations for potential users.‌ First and foremost, ⁤we were impressed by its ability‌ to efficiently screen out over 97% of contaminants, safeguarding your engine from harmful substances that ⁣could otherwise lead to premature wear and tear. This is a critical feature ⁤for ‍any vehicle owner looking to ⁤extend the lifespan of their engine.

<p>Moreover, the inclusion of O-rings for both housing and cap ensures a secure and leak-free installation process, enhancing overall user experience. Compatible with a wide range of Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner models, including popular ones like Sprinter 2500 and GLK250, this filter offers versatility and reliability. Whether you're using synthetic or conventional oils, the ECOGARD X10382 is engineered to deliver optimal performance, allowing you to confidently drive up to 5,000 miles between oil changes. With greater engine protection against contaminants such as carbon, sand, dust, and metal particles, this filter undoubtedly earns our recommendation.</p>

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Customer Reviews ​Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Our journey‌ into the​ realm of ECOGARD X10382 ⁤Premium Cartridge Engine ​Oil ​Filter for Conventional Oil has been both enlightening and​ insightful. As we sift through ​the diverse‌ range of experiences shared by our esteemed customers, we unravel a tapestry of opinions⁤ that‍ shed light on‍ the performance and usability of this essential automotive accessory.

Review Analysis
“I installed and big leak because the ring was too skinny, I don’t recommend” This review points out a critical issue regarding the fitment of the oil filter, highlighting a potential concern ⁢with the sealing ring. ‌It serves⁣ as a cautionary tale, urging us to pay close attention ‌to compatibility ⁤and installation procedures.
“Fits our Mercedes GLK ‌250 and ‌comes with all⁤ the orings ‌required” A ​positive affirmation of compatibility ⁢and completeness.⁢ This review reassures‍ potential buyers that the product aligns seamlessly ​with the specified vehicle models and includes all necessary components for installation. It instills‍ confidence in the ⁢product’s reliability.
“Utilizado en una sprinter Mercedes 2017” This brief⁤ review, though⁤ concise, signifies a successful application of the oil ⁣filter in ⁤a Mercedes Sprinter 2017 model. While lacking in detail, it adds to the overall consensus of usability across⁣ various vehicle models.

As ⁢we reflect on these diverse perspectives, ​it becomes evident that the‍ efficacy of the ECOGARD X10382 Premium Cartridge Engine Oil Filter for Conventional Oil⁢ is subject‌ to individual ⁤experiences and circumstances. While some encounter challenges⁣ related to fitment and leakage, others commend ‌its compatibility and completeness. It reinforces the importance of thorough research and attentive installation practices in ​ensuring optimal ⁣performance and satisfaction.

At the heart of it all, ⁣our dedication to⁢ providing comprehensive insights remains​ unwavering. We continue to navigate the‌ landscape of customer feedback, enriching our understanding and guiding fellow enthusiasts‌ towards informed decisions.

Pros & Cons

Pros ‍& Cons


Pros Details
Efficient Contaminant Filtration Filters out over 97% of harmful‌ contaminants, including carbon, sand, dust, and metal bits, safeguarding the engine.
Compatibility Compatible with a wide range of Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner diesel models, ensuring ⁣versatility and ease ⁤of use.
Longevity Proven to⁢ sustain up to 5,000 miles between oil changes, providing peace of​ mind and convenience to users.
Dual⁢ Oil ⁢Compatibility Built ​to accommodate both synthetic and conventional oils, offering flexibility to users based on their⁢ preferences.
Inclusive O-Rings Includes O-rings for housing and‌ cap, ensuring a complete and secure fitment for enhanced performance.


  • Specific Application: Limited compatibility with certain Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner models; not suitable for all vehicle types.
  • Price Variance:⁤ Slightly higher price point compared to some ⁢competitor options in the market.

Overall, the ECOGARD X10382 Premium Cartridge Engine Oil⁣ Filter presents itself ⁢as a reliable choice for diesel engine‍ protection, offering‌ efficient filtration, ​compatibility, and longevity benefits. However, users should consider the limited compatibility ​and price variance when making their purchasing decisions.


Q&A Section

Q: Is the ECOGARD‍ X10382 oil‌ filter compatible with both synthetic and conventional oils?

A:⁢ Yes, absolutely! Our ECOGARD X10382⁣ Premium Cartridge Engine​ Oil Filter is built to perform‍ seamlessly with⁢ both synthetic and⁢ conventional oils. Whether you prefer the‍ high-performance benefits ​of synthetic oils or the traditional reliability of conventional oils, ⁢rest assured, our oil filter has‌ got you covered.

Q: How often ⁢should I replace the ECOGARD X10382 oil⁢ filter?

A: We‍ recommend replacing your ECOGARD X10382 oil filter with every oil change, which typically occurs every 5,000 miles. Our oil filter‌ is‌ designed ⁣to​ deliver optimal performance throughout its ⁢lifespan, ensuring that your ​engine remains protected from harmful ⁢contaminants for longer intervals between‌ changes.

Q:⁢ Can⁢ I trust the ECOGARD X10382⁤ oil filter to protect my Mercedes-Benz Sprinter​ engine?

A: Absolutely!⁣ The ECOGARD X10382 Premium Cartridge Engine Oil Filter is specifically engineered ⁤to provide‌ superior engine protection for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models, including the 2500 and 3500 series, as well as⁤ other compatible models like ⁢the GLK250 and E250. With its advanced filtration⁤ technology, you can trust our oil filter to screen out over 97% of contaminants, safeguarding your engine’s performance ⁤and longevity.

Q:⁢ Does ⁢the‍ ECOGARD X10382 oil filter come with the necessary O-rings for installation?

A: ‌Yes, it does! We understand⁢ the importance of a hassle-free ⁣installation process, which is why each ECOGARD X10382 oil filter includes O-rings for both the housing and cap. This ensures a secure and ⁢leak-free‍ seal, allowing you to install your oil⁤ filter with confidence and ‌peace of mind.

Q: What contaminants does the ECOGARD X10382 oil filter screen out?

A: The ECOGARD X10382 oil filter is designed to effectively screen⁣ out a wide range of harmful contaminants, including carbon, sand, dust, and bits of ​metal. By capturing over 97% ​of these particles before they⁤ can reach your engine, our oil filter provides greater engine ⁢protection and⁤ helps extend the life of your vehicle’s vital components.

Q: Can I use the ECOGARD​ X10382 oil ‌filter⁢ for other compatible vehicle models besides Mercedes-Benz?

A: Yes, you can! In addition to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models, the ECOGARD X10382 oil⁢ filter is compatible‌ with various other vehicles, including Freightliner​ Sprinter models,⁤ Mercedes-Benz ML250, GLE300d, and​ more. Be sure to check the compatibility list to ensure that our oil filter is suitable for your specific vehicle model and engine ⁢type.

Seize⁤ the Opportunity

As we conclude our exploration into the realm of engine‌ protection with‍ ECOGARD’s premium ⁣cartridge engine oil ‌filter, we’re left with an undeniable sense of assurance. The ECOGARD X10382⁢ isn’t just a filter; it’s the silent guardian of your vehicle’s ‌heart, meticulously sieving ‌out contaminants with an efficiency rate exceeding 97%.

In ‌a world where‌ engine longevity ‍is paramount, the ECOGARD X10382 stands tall as the stalwart‌ defender against the onslaught of harmful particles like carbon, sand, dust, ⁤and metal fragments. Its compatibility with a wide range ‍of Mercedes-Benz ⁢models ensures ⁢that your investment in protection is well-placed, ​whether you’re⁤ navigating the urban sprawl in a Sprinter or cruising the⁤ countryside in an E250.

With every mile ‌driven, you ​can⁤ rest ‌easy knowing that your engine is shielded by the robust⁢ filtration⁣ prowess of ECOGARD. And​ with‍ the convenience ⁣of up to 5,000 miles between oil changes, the X10382 not ⁣only safeguards but ‌also simplifies your maintenance routine.

So why wait? Elevate your⁤ engine’s armor today and experience the ‍peace of mind that comes with ​superior ⁤protection. Click here to safeguard your engine:‌ ECOGARD X10382 Premium ⁢Cartridge Engine Oil Filter.

Let the road ahead be paved with confidence, courtesy⁣ of ECOGARD.

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