Ultimate Oil Filter Kit for Kawasaki 13HP Engine – A Must-Have for Golf Cart Owners!

Looking for ​a reliable⁣ oil filter replacement for your Kawasaki engine?⁤ Look no further! We recently ​got our hands ‌on​ the Hipa FR691V Oil Filter Replace for 49065-7007 49065-0721 and put it to the test. This pack of two ​filters‌ is‍ designed ⁢to fit a range of⁣ 4-cycle ‌engines, including models ‍like FX600V, FR691V,​ and FS651V. With high-quality ⁤filter⁤ paper ‍and‍ a durable seal ring, this oil filter offers excellent performance and reliability. Read on to find out our first-hand​ experience with this product!

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When it comes to maintaining our ‍engine, ‌we want nothing but the‍ best. That’s why we trust the Hipa FR691V Oil Filter to keep‌ our 4 ⁤Cycle Engine running smoothly. Designed‍ to replace Kawasaki 49065-7007 and 49065-0721 filters, this ‍set ​of⁣ 2 oil filters and ‍1 ⁢fuel filter is a perfect fit for Kawasaki 22-24​ HP⁤ engines from⁢ 2009 and later models. With ⁤high-quality Ahlstrom brand ‌filter paper and a nitrile⁢ butadiene rubber‍ seal ring, these filters offer elasticity, corrosion resistance, and⁢ excellent sealing ⁣performance.

What sets the Hipa⁤ FR691V Oil Filter ​apart is its pressure‌ relief valve (8-14 psi) and bypass valve, ⁢which ensure⁢ that‍ oil enters the ⁣engine smoothly, reducing‍ wear and‍ tear. This‍ package is⁣ a complete solution for⁢ engine maintenance, ‌providing all the necessary ⁤filters to‌ keep your engine running at its best. Trust Hipa⁣ for quality, reliability,‌ and performance. Upgrade your engine⁢ maintenance routine with the Hipa FR691V‍ Oil Filter today!

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Highlighting Key Features

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When it comes to the Hipa FR691V Oil Filter, one of ​the ⁤key features that‍ stand out is its compatibility with ⁤a wide range of⁢ Kawasaki engines, including models such as FX600V, FR651V, FS730V, ‍and more. This makes it a versatile option for those who own‍ multiple machines that require regular maintenance. Additionally, the‍ oil filter is designed with high-quality ⁣Ahlstrom brand filter paper, ensuring efficient filtration with a⁢ 30UM ‌micron filter parameter ‌for optimal performance.

Another ⁢notable feature of the Hipa⁤ FR691V Oil Filter is its pressure relief valve, which⁣ operates at 8-14 psi to ensure the smooth flow of oil into ​the engine. This valve, coupled with ⁤a​ bypass-valve, helps reduce wear on the generator, prolonging⁣ its lifespan. ‌To ​sweeten the deal, each pack includes not just one,‍ but two oil filters and a ​fuel filter,​ providing great value for ​your money. If you’re in need of reliable filters for your Kawasaki engine,‌ this product is definitely⁢ worth considering. Get yours ⁣today on Amazon!

In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

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When it comes to engine maintenance, the ‌Hipa FR691V Oil Filter ⁤is a standout choice. Designed to ​fit a range of 22-24 HP Kawasaki engines from 2009 and later models, this oil ​filter⁣ is a reliable option for keeping your engine running ⁤smoothly. The ‌filter paper is of high ⁤quality, made by Ahlstrom,⁣ with a 30UM micron ⁤parameter for optimal filtration. The seal ring is constructed from nitrile butadiene⁢ rubber (NBR) for elasticity,⁣ corrosion‌ resistance, and excellent ⁣sealing performance. Additionally,​ the pressure relief valve of 8-14 psi​ and⁤ bypass valve ensure that oil enters the generator smoothly, reducing wear and tear.

Included⁢ in the package are 2 oil filters and 1 fuel filter, making it a ‍practical and cost-effective purchase for⁢ your engine maintenance needs. With the ⁤Hipa oil filter, you can have peace of mind⁤ knowing that your engine is receiving⁣ quality filtration and protection.⁢ Make the smart choice for ‌your ⁢engine’s health and ⁢performance by investing ​in the Hipa FR691V Oil Filter today. ⁢Check out ‍the‌ product details and get yours now‍ on ⁢Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for the Hipa FR691V Oil Filter​ Kit‍ for Kawasaki engines, we have gathered some⁤ key insights to help ⁢you⁣ make an⁢ informed decision‌ about⁢ this product. Here’s a summary of what customers are saying:

Kawasaki engine filters appear ​to be very⁣ well made.

Customers appreciate the quality construction of ‍these filters, indicating ⁤that they are ⁣durable and reliable for their Kawasaki engines.


One⁣ customer ⁣highlighted the punctuality of⁢ the delivery, showing satisfaction with the shipping process for this product.

Shorter version of the original filter ..

Some customers noted that ​these filters are a shorter version ‍of the original ones, which‍ could be helpful ⁢for certain​ engine configurations or installation ⁢requirements.

I was happy to find the deal on Amazon⁤ for the​ oil filters and you get the free fuel filter and the oil ⁤filter seem ​to​ be working fine and now I have an extra oil filter when the oil needs to⁢ be⁤ changed and I saved a⁣ lot of money by buying the filters in this deal on‌ Amazon!

Customers who purchased⁤ this product⁤ on Amazon were pleased with the value they received, including a free fuel filter and‌ the effectiveness of the⁣ oil⁣ filters for their engines. The cost savings and convenience ⁣of having an⁢ extra filter on hand were also highlighted.

These‍ were a direct replacement on ⁤my Briggs & Stratton 19.5HP mower. No leaks ⁢and appear to work great.

Another customer ⁣shared their experience using these filters as ​a direct replacement​ on ⁣a different engine brand, indicating successful installation ‌without leaks and effective performance for their mower.


Customers appreciate the competitive‍ pricing of this filter kit, making it a cost-effective choice for⁤ maintaining their engines.

What I was looking for

Simple ⁤and to the ‍point, this customer’s ​review indicates that the Hipa ‌FR691V Oil⁣ Filter Kit met their expectations and needs for their engine maintenance.

Pros & Cons

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Pros &​ Cons


1. High quality filter paper (30UM⁢ micron) by⁣ Ahlstrom​ for effective filtration
2. Nitrile butadiene rubber seal ring⁣ for excellent elasticity ‍and sealing performance
3. Pressure relief⁢ valve (8-14 psi) and bypass-valve for ​smooth oil ⁣flow
4. Comes in a ⁤pack of 2 oil filters and 1 ⁤fuel filter ⁣for ⁤convenience
5. Fits various⁤ Kawasaki 4 Cycle Engines (22-24 HP) from 2009 ‍and later models


1. May not ‍fit older ‌models of ⁤Kawasaki engines
2. Packaging could be better for protection during‌ shipping
3. Some users reported⁢ issues ⁢with‍ installation instructions


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Q: How ⁢do ⁢I know if this oil filter kit⁤ is compatible with ⁢my⁣ Kawasaki 13HP ​engine?
A: This oil ⁣filter kit is designed to fit Kawasaki 22-24 ⁣HP​ engines,⁣ 2009 and​ later models.⁢ It is ‍compatible with a wide range of Kawasaki engines including FX600V, FR691V, FR730V,⁢ FR651V, FR541V, FR600V, ‌FS730, FS451V,‌ FS481V,‌ FS691V, FS651V, FB460V, ‍FC420V, FC540V, FD501D, FD590V, FX481V, ⁤FX541V,​ FX651V, FX691V, and FX730V engines.

Q: What is⁤ the material ⁢used for the seal ring‌ in‌ the oil‍ filter?
A: The ‍seal ring is made of⁢ nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) material, which is⁤ known for⁣ its​ elasticity, ‌corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and good sealing performance.

Q: Does this⁢ oil filter kit come with a fuel filter as well?
A: Yes, this oil filter kit includes 2 oil filters ⁣and 1 fuel filter ⁣in the package, providing you⁤ with everything you ⁢need for a ​complete oil filter replacement.

Q: What is the ​pressure relief valve setting for this‍ oil filter?
A: The Hipa oil filter comes ⁣with a pressure relief valve set at 8-14 psi, along with a bypass valve that allows the oil to enter the generator smoothly, reducing wear and tear on the ⁤generator.

Q: How many microns can this oil filter filter⁢ out?
A:​ The oil‍ filter uses high-quality Ahlstrom brand filter paper with a filter parameter of 30UM micron, ensuring efficient filtration of impurities from the oil.⁣

Embrace a New Era

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In conclusion, the Hipa ⁢FR691V Oil Filter Kit is a game-changer for golf cart owners with Kawasaki 13HP engines. With⁢ high-quality materials and efficient filtering capabilities, this kit ensures optimal‌ engine ​performance and longevity. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade ​your oil⁤ filter ‍- click here ⁤to purchase the⁤ Ultimate⁤ Oil Filter Kit for Kawasaki 13HP​ Engine now!

Upgrade your ⁣oil filter now!

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