Revolutionize Your Engine with Our Top-Notch Oil Temp Sensor!

Hey there, fellow⁣ car enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into a review of the 48160-PGJ-003 New ⁢Differential Oil Temperature Sensor. If you’ve been experiencing ‍issues with⁤ your engine running erratically or​ stalling, this sensor could be the solution⁢ you’ve been looking for. Made of high-quality plastic and metal, this sensor is ⁣built⁣ to last⁢ and provide accurate measurements of your engine coolant temperature. Compatible with select vehicles from 2003-2015 and 2006-2014,​ this sensor ‍is a standard replacement for⁤ part number 1434050 and 48160-PGJ-003. ​Join us as we ⁤take a​ closer look ‍at ⁢this car accessory and⁤ see if it lives up to its ⁢promises.

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Our new differential oil ‌temperature sensor is a reliable solution for engine temperature‍ gauge ​issues⁣ and erratic engine ‍performance. Crafted from‌ durable plastic and metal, this sensor is built to last and offers high sensitivity and accurate measurements ⁤to keep ‌your engine running smoothly.

Designed to fit specific 2003-2015 and 2006-2014 vehicles, this‌ engine coolant‍ temperature sensor is a direct replacement for‌ old or faulty ⁤sensors. The easy plug-and-play installation saves you time and effort,‍ ensuring a hassle-free experience. Before purchasing, make sure to check the part number to guarantee a proper fit. Upgrade your car accessories⁤ today and‍ experience ⁤the benefits of our efficient coolant temperature sensor. Add it to your cart‍ now!

Key Features and ‍Specifications

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The 48160-PGJ-003 New Differential ⁤Oil Temperature​ Sensor is a crucial component for maintaining ‍your vehicle’s ⁤engine ⁣performance. Crafted from high-quality plastic and metal, this sensor is⁣ designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring it ⁤can handle various working conditions and weather environments. The​ sensor boasts‍ high ⁢sensitivity and ‍accuracy in ⁤measuring‌ engine coolant⁢ temperature, allowing you to monitor and control your driving⁢ experience effectively. With a standard replacement part number of 1434050 and 48160-PGJ-003, ⁣you can trust that this sensor will seamlessly integrate into your​ vehicle’s system.

This oil temperature ⁢sensor is compatible with‌ select 2003-2015 3.5L V6⁣ and 2006-2014 vehicles, offering a direct replacement for your old or ⁤malfunctioning sensor. The installation process is‌ quick and⁤ straightforward, thanks to the plug-and-play design, saving you⁢ time and effort. ‍To ensure a successful installation, be sure‌ to match the ​part number and pin number of‌ the new sensor with your existing one. Rest‌ assured that this non-original replacement part ‍is designed to ​keep your engine running smoothly at the optimal temperature. Stay ​in control of your ‍vehicle’s performance with the⁣ 48160-PGJ-003 New Differential Oil Temperature Sensor – get yours today!

Detailed Insights and Performance

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We were pleasantly⁤ surprised by the high quality of⁣ the plastic and metal materials used in ​the construction of this engine coolant temperature sensor. ‍The sensor is sturdy, durable, and sure to provide accurate measurements for a long time to come. ⁤The preferred material and processing technology ensure high sensitivity and reliable performance, allowing you to always know the coolant ‌temperature‍ and maintain control while driving. With standard replacement part numbers 1434050 and 48160-PGJ-003, compatibility is a non-issue, making this‍ sensor a hassle-free solution for your‌ vehicle.

The functionality of this engine coolant temperature sensor is⁣ truly impressive. Not only does it ‍help you monitor your ‍coolant temperature‍ for optimal driving performance, but it also contributes to overall safety on the road. The⁤ direct replacement design, with 2 pins and compatibility with select 2003-2015 3.5L V6 and 2006-2014 vehicles, ensures a seamless install process. With easy plug-and-play installation, you’ll save time and effort while ⁢enjoying the peace of mind ⁢that comes with a reliable‌ and accurate temperature sensor. If you’re in need of a replacement part to keep ⁢your engine running smoothly, look no further ​than this sensor. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your vehicle’s performance and safety today!


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Our team highly recommends the ‌48160-PGJ-003 New ⁤Differential Oil Temperature Sensor as a‌ replacement for the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor​ in select vehicles. This sensor is made of top-notch plastic and metal materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. By accurately⁤ measuring the coolant temperature,‌ this sensor helps you maintain the right‌ engine operating temperature, leading to a ‌safer⁢ driving ⁤experience.

With standard replacement part numbers 1434050 and 48160-PGJ-003,​ this sensor is a perfect ​fit ‌for some​ 2003-2015 & 2006-2014 vehicles. Its easy plug-and-play installation saves you time and effort,‌ although we recommend following installation videos if you’re new to the process. Before purchasing, make sure to confirm that the part number and pin number match with your ⁤old sensor to avoid any compatibility ⁣issues. Upgrade your vehicle’s engine performance and reliability with this quality engine coolant temperature sensor today!

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Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After reading through ⁢some of the customer reviews, it ⁢seems that there are a few concerns‍ regarding the compatibility of the 48160-PGJ-003⁢ New Differential Oil Temperature Sensor with⁣ certain‌ vehicles. While the product description indicates that it ⁣is ⁣compatible with some 2003-2015 & 2006-2014⁢ vehicles, some customers have found that it may not ⁤fit ⁣their specific car⁢ model.

Customer Review
Customer 1 Part was listed for my vehicle but⁤ was not made the correct ⁢way to fit.
Customer 2 The description​ is invalid.‌ First my ​car doesnt have AWD or differential. Its labeled as diff oil temp sensor and coolant sensor but no specifics on car‍ fitment. And Amazon says its for my car but ​its not. The sensor is round​ at terminal and the plug on the ‌car is squared. ⁤Horrible way ⁢to sell product.
Customer 3 Give ‍you what you don’t need, for a buck… this what​ our⁣ society has come to.. Sure​ it will⁢ fit…. yeah…

It is important‌ for us to address these concerns ⁣and ensure that our customers ⁢are provided with accurate information about ‍the product’s compatibility. We will take these reviews into consideration and work on ⁢improving the product description ‍to avoid any confusion in the future.

Pros⁣ & Cons

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Pros &‌ Cons


Durable material: Made of high-quality ‍plastic and⁢ metal, ensuring longevity.
Accurate measurement: High sensitivity ​for precise temperature⁤ readings.
Easy installation: Plug and⁢ play design for quick and hassle-free setup.


Non-original product: May not⁤ have the same ‍quality ​as OEM parts.
Compatibility issues: Make sure to match the part⁤ number for a⁢ correct fit.


Q: Will this oil temperature sensor ⁢work for my⁤ 2010⁣ Honda‌ Accord?

A: Yes, this oil temperature sensor is compatible with some 2003-2015 vehicles, including‍ certain models of the Honda Accord. Please make sure to check the part ⁣number and compatibility before purchasing.

Q: ⁤Is this sensor difficult​ to install?

A: Installing this oil temperature sensor is a plug and play process, so it is quick and easy to do. However, ⁢if ⁢you are unfamiliar with installation procedures, we recommend searching for relevant installation videos online for guidance.

Q: How can I be sure this sensor will fit my car?

A: Before ‍purchasing, please make sure to double-check the part ​number ⁤and pin number to ensure that this oil temperature sensor is compatible with​ your vehicle. It is important to⁢ match ​these numbers ‌with your old sensor to guarantee a proper replacement.

Q: ​What ⁢are the⁣ benefits of using this coolant temperature sensor?

A: Our oil temperature sensor ⁣helps you⁤ monitor the temperature of the‌ coolant, which is essential for controlling your engine’s performance. By ⁢ensuring that your engine runs at⁣ the right temperature, this sensor can improve driving safety and ​help prevent potential issues related to engine overheating.

Ignite Your ‌Passion

In conclusion, our ⁤48160-PGJ-003 New Differential Oil Temperature Sensor is the perfect solution for⁢ keeping your engine running smoothly ⁢and efficiently. With high-quality materials, accurate measurements, and easy installation,⁢ this sensor is a must-have for any vehicle owner looking to optimize their‍ engine performance.

Don’t wait any longer, ⁤revolutionize your engine today with our top-notch oil temp sensor! ⁣Click here to purchase now and ⁢enjoy a ⁣safer and⁢ more controlled driving experience: Purchase Now.

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