Stay Fresh and Dry in Hanes Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

Welcome to our blog,⁣ where⁤ we take pride⁢ in bringing you honest and​ insightful⁢ product reviews.‌ Today, we’re excited to share our first-hand experience with ⁢the Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt, a ⁣moisture-wicking performance tee⁣ that promises to keep you comfortable no matter how much you sweat.

When it comes to staying dry‌ during intense workouts,‍ this​ long sleeve‌ top truly⁤ delivers. Powered by Cool DRI technology,‍ this shirt is ⁤designed to dry faster, ‌ensuring ​that you stay cooler and‌ more comfortable throughout your exercise ⁣routine.⁤ But the benefits‌ don’t​ stop there. With ​a UPF rating of 40+, it‍ also ‍provides additional protection against harmful⁤ UV rays, making it perfect for⁤ outdoor activities.

But‌ what truly sets this⁤ Hanes shirt apart ​is its⁢ FreshIQ advanced odor protection. Say goodbye to worrying about post-workout funk, as this innovative technology attacks⁤ odor-causing ‌bacteria, leaving you feeling confident and⁢ fresh even after ‌the toughest of workouts.

Not only does this shirt perform⁣ exceptionally ⁤well, but it also prioritizes your comfort.⁢ Thanks ⁣to its flat-seam construction, irritation points are minimized, allowing you to focus solely on your workout without any distractions.

And ⁣let’s not forget about the feminine fit. With a design that flatters your figure, this long sleeve tee seamlessly transitions from the gym to‌ the streets.

Overall,‍ we can confidently say that the Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt lives up to its promises. It’s ‌a top-notch performance tee that combines comfort, functionality, and style flawlessly. So go ahead and put this shirt to the test –​ we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

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When it comes‌ to staying cool and comfortable ​during intense ​workouts, the Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt is ‌our go-to choice. Engineered with innovative Cool DRI technology, this​ performance tee is designed⁢ to wick away sweat‌ and keep you dry. Say goodbye to ‌those ⁤sticky, ⁢uncomfortable workout sessions!

But this shirt doesn’t stop ⁤there. It also features FreshIQ‌ technology ‌that provides advanced odor ⁤protection, so​ you can feel fresh and confident even during the toughest workouts. No more worrying about​ smelling‍ less than⁢ pleasant ⁢after a workout session.

Not only does this shirt perform exceptionally well, but it also offers additional protection against harmful ‌UV rays with its UPF rating of 40+. So you can take​ your workouts outside without ‌worrying about sunburn or skin‌ damage.

The feminine fit of these long sleeve tees makes them ⁢versatile, perfect for ⁢both the ​gym​ and casual everyday wear. The‌ flat-seam construction ensures maximum⁢ comfort and reduces irritation ​points, so you can focus on​ your workout ⁣without any⁢ distractions.

With its quality construction and performance-enhancing features, the⁤ Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long⁣ Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt is a​ true game-changer. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition⁣ to your activewear‌ collection. Get‍ yours today by⁤ clicking here!

Specific Features and Aspects

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When ‍it comes to , the Hanes ‌Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt definitely delivers.⁣ One standout feature is the Cool DRI™ technology, which allows the fabric ⁤to dry faster, keeping you cooler and more ⁣comfortable⁣ during workouts. This is especially ⁤helpful for those⁣ intense cardio sessions or hot yoga ​classes where sweating is‌ inevitable. Plus, the fabric also offers a UPF rating of 40+, ​providing added protection ⁤against harmful UV rays when⁤ you’re ‌exercising outdoors.

Another noteworthy feature is the FreshIQ™ advanced ​odor protection. Nobody wants to deal with lingering odors‍ after a⁤ workout, ⁢and with this technology, you can say ⁤goodbye to that worry. The advanced odor protection targets odor-causing bacteria, keeping you fresh and‍ confident even during ‌the toughest workouts.

The flat-seam‌ construction of this performance tee‍ is‍ also worth mentioning. It’s designed to⁢ specifically target irritation points, reducing the chances of chafing and discomfort. This⁣ means ⁣you ‍can fully focus on your⁣ workout ​without ​any distractions. ⁢Along with its functional ⁣features, this shirt also boasts a feminine‌ fit, ‌making​ it versatile enough to wear not ​just at the ‍gym, but also for casual outings ‍or running errands.

Overall, the⁤ Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri ‍Long ‌Sleeve Crewneck ⁢T-Shirt is a reliable and stylish ⁤option for active women. It provides a range of features and benefits that contribute to ⁣a comfortable and confident workout experience. If you’re looking for a performance tee that keeps you‌ cool, fights ⁤odors, and offers a great fit, this is definitely worth considering. Check it out on Amazon and elevate your workout wardrobe today.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations


When it comes to staying comfortable during workouts, the Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long ⁤Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt is a game-changer. This⁢ performance‌ tee ‌is engineered with Cool DRI technology, ensuring that you stay dry and ⁤cool even when​ you’re working up⁣ a sweat. The fabric is treated to dry faster, ⁣providing you‌ with maximum comfort throughout⁢ your workout. Plus, it offers added protection ​against harmful UV⁢ rays ⁤with a UPF rating of 40+.

One of⁢ the standout features of this long sleeve⁢ t-shirt is the FreshIQ advanced odor protection. This‌ technology targets⁢ odor-causing bacteria, giving you⁢ the confidence you need to push through any workout without worrying ⁣about unwanted⁣ odors. The⁤ flat-seam construction of the ​shirt also helps to reduce irritation ⁢points, so you can ⁣fully‍ focus on ⁣your workout ⁣without⁤ the distraction of chafing.

Not only does this shirt perform well‌ during⁤ workouts, but it also boasts a feminine ​fit that makes it suitable ‍for​ casual⁣ wear as ⁢well. Whether you’re hitting the gym or ​running​ errands, this​ long sleeve tee is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. ‍With​ its stylish design and comfortable fit, you’ll find yourself reaching for it again and again.

If you’re ⁢in need of a moisture-wicking performance tee that keeps you dry, cool,⁢ and odor-free,​ look no further than the Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri‌ Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt.‍ Don’t miss out​ on the opportunity to experience ‌ultimate comfort during your workouts. Check it out on Amazon now and take your workouts to the next ‌level!

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the ​Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve‌ Crewneck T-Shirt, ‌we⁤ have ⁢compiled the following observations:

Review Rating
Purchased for layering, but⁤ wanted something lightweight that ​would go from one season to⁤ the next.‍ This shirt fits the bill. I wear‍ it walking⁤ on‍ cooler days and it ⁣does keep​ me​ warm. Some wicking fabrics can feel⁣ stiff or like plastic – but not a‍ problem ‍here.‌ The fabric is ‍smooth and‍ comfortable. I like⁢ my shirts on ​the looser side so I sized up. For reference I’m 5’8, 150 lbs and a large fit well through the arms and gives ‍me adequate wiggle room. I ‍feel like a Medium would have been too confining. The other⁣ plus is the⁢ black doesn’t appear to⁣ attract lint or pet hair, so it looks crisp and clean throughout the day. 5
I enjoy wearing these tops. I like the feel of the fabric and they‍ are good to toss in the wash⁣ & dryer with ​no wrinkles or ⁢shrinkage. I previously purchased the pink, size XL⁤ (Amazon recommended size for me). It fits well but I decided ‌to try XXL in the blue. The‌ blue ⁣XXL is a little ⁤looser‌ on me and the sleeve length is a little longer. I’m 5’6” ‍- 195 lbs. 5
I wore this​ shirt to ⁢hike the rim to rim at the‌ grand canyon (25 miles). It⁣ was ‍supposed to be a backup‍ to my really‍ expensive REI purchased shirts‌ as⁤ I wasn’t sure ​how well it would perform based‍ on price but wanted something light/small in my pack just in case. It⁤ was 38 degrees when we started the hike. I wore this as an​ undershirt with a few other thin layers and it kept me warm ​enough. When​ it got warmer, this was the only shirt I ended up wearing all⁢ day. The temperature got up‍ to 100 degrees in the canyon. I did not get sun⁢ burned,⁢ so ‌I’m going to say the sun protection worked. Whenever I got too hot, I ⁣took the shirt off, soaked⁢ it in a creek, ​and put it ‌back on ⁢soaking ⁣wet.​ It dramatically cooled me down ‌and ⁢dried completely⁣ in about 15-20​ mins.‌ I wore the ‍shirt 16+ hours.⁣ It​ did not chafe my skin, it ⁣did not smell, and‍ it never looked dirty which is shocking because I was filthy (I wore the hot pink shirt). My only criticism is the sleeves were about 3 inches too short. I’m 5’9″ and 135 lbs and a 34B. The⁣ medium fit me perfectly other than short sleeves. It⁢ was a great⁣ shirt for the price. 4
Great fit, excellent price. Will ⁤buy more ⁣in different colors. 5
I really liked the material of the shirt. It was light weight‌ and soft. Unfortunately, the ‌size 2Xl was‍ too small for me. I actually wear ‍a 1xl,⁣ so there’s no reason for this not to have fit. 3
Fits well. ⁤Love the material. Gonna be ‍great for under a tee at the ‌gym. I ordered pink, blue, black‌ and grey. Will update once I wash and ⁤wear 5
Ordered a large and a medium. These are a little fitted,⁣ so found the ⁤large roomier on the‌ sides. A lady needs a different fit and look for different‍ days/different outfits⁤ sometimes⁢ so kept them both. Can never have too many simple ‌white shirts, right? For reference, I am⁢ 5’4″, 120 lbs. typically wearing ‍size 4, smalls ⁢and mediums. Small would have⁤ been way more‍ fitted than I ⁣personally would wear. They did come out a tad wrinkled after washing, but this won’t be ​an issue for ‌me. ‌Plus, I have found these type shirts get⁤ a little better with the wrinkle factor⁤ over⁣ time. Price is very good considering ‌what I need them for. 4
It’s a fitted T-shirt that’s not⁢ tight. It’s sized​ perfectly and make sure your figure look good. The material ‌is silky feeling‍ and of good quality. I had to take away a star because‍ it came very wrinkled and I have yet to get all the wrinkles out. Two washes and ironing do you have not helped. I am hoping time hanging will. 4
Dentro de ropa ⁤deportiva es lo mejor ⁣que eh ⁤comprado,​ tal cual ll.que buscaba y ligeras para hacer ejercicio.. me encantaron ya compre 5 jaja… super cómodas⁣ largas..ligeras .. lo mejor 5
Fits, feels,⁣ and looks amazing. ⁣Bought for kayaking and will work perfectly. Very light cool fabric to wear in⁣ warmer weather. I ordered ⁤my usual size and it fit perfectly. Loose but fitting. Long enough. The sleeves are a little longer but⁣ I like that and ⁣it looks⁢ good. Flat seems ⁣and ⁢no tag. Bought‍ XL with 40 bust, 40 waist, 5’7″, 170 lbs. 5
Lightweight top which let’s you breath. perfect for our Inca Trail trek in Peru. 5
Good fit, nice fabric, and very cheap. 4
Works well for⁣ sweat wicking and dries quickly⁣ but I ⁤found this to ‌be​ a smaller fit. I would recommend sizing up. 3

Based on⁢ these reviews, we can draw the ⁢following conclusions:

  1. The shirt is lightweight and comfortable, making it suitable​ for layering or wearing in different seasons.
  2. The fabric is smooth‌ and soft, providing a pleasant feel.
  3. It ⁤is effective in wicking away sweat and drying quickly.
  4. The⁤ shirt offers sun protection and keeps the wearer cool in hot conditions.
  5. The sizing may vary, with some‍ customers recommending sizing up for a looser fit.
  6. The shirt is ⁢versatile and can ‌be used⁤ for⁣ various⁤ activities such as hiking, kayaking, and working out.
  7. The price of⁢ the shirt is considered affordable.

Overall, the Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck⁢ T-Shirt receives positive feedback for‍ its ⁢performance,⁤ comfort, and value for money.

Pros & Cons


1.‌ Moisture-wicking technology

The Hanes Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve ⁢Crewneck T-Shirt is equipped with Cool DRI™ technology, which ‌quickly wicks away sweat and ⁤moisture from your skin. This helps to‍ keep you ⁣dry and fresh, ‍even during intense workouts or activities.

2. UPF 40+ sun protection

With a ⁢UPF rating ‌of 40+, this performance tee provides added protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. You can confidently exercise ⁤outdoors without worrying about sunburn or skin⁣ damage.

3. ⁣Advanced odor protection

FreshIQ™ technology in this shirt works to combat odor-causing bacteria, ⁣ensuring that you stay⁤ smelling fresh ‍throughout your workout. You can push your‌ limits without ⁤worrying‍ about unpleasant odors.

4. Flat-seam construction for comfort

The flat-seam construction of this shirt targets irritation‌ points,⁤ reducing the risk of chafing and ​discomfort during your workout. You⁤ can focus solely on your exercise routine⁤ without any distractions or discomfort.

5. Feminine fit

The Hanes‍ Sport Cool Dri⁤ Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt is designed with a feminine fit, allowing you to feel confident and stylish ​both at the gym and on the streets. It flatters your figure without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

Pros Cons
Moisture-wicking technology Not available in a wide range of colors
UPF 40+ sun protection Might run small, consider sizing up
Advanced odor‍ protection No ⁤thumbholes for added warmth
Flat-seam construction for comfort Slightly thin fabric, may require⁣ layering ⁢in cooler temperatures
Feminine fit No customer reviews⁣ available online


1.‍ Limited color options

The Hanes‍ Sport Cool Dri Long⁢ Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt is not​ available in a wide range of colors, limiting your style choices.​ This may not⁤ be⁤ ideal ⁤if you prefer more variety in your wardrobe.

2.⁢ Sizing considerations

Some customers‌ have mentioned that this shirt tends to run small. It is recommended to ‌consider‍ sizing up​ for a more⁤ comfortable fit, especially if‌ you prefer a looser or relaxed style.

3.‍ No thumbholes

While this shirt offers long sleeves for added coverage, it does not include thumbholes.‍ Thumbholes can provide extra⁤ warmth and ⁤help keep the ​sleeves in place ‌during more ‌active movements.

4. Thin​ fabric for cooler temperatures

The fabric of this shirt is slightly thin, which may ‌be insufficient for cooler weather conditions.​ Layering⁣ this shirt with a warmer top may be necessary ⁢if you plan to wear ​it in colder temperatures.

5. Limited customer reviews

As⁣ of now, there are no ⁢customer ‌reviews available online‌ for this specific ⁣product. This may make it challenging to gauge ⁢the overall customer satisfaction and experience with the Hanes Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve ⁤Crewneck T-Shirt.


Q&A⁤ Section:

Q: How does the Cool DRI technology work?
A: Cool DRI ⁢technology is ​a special treatment ‌applied to the⁣ fabric of Hanes Sport long sleeve t-shirts. It helps to wick away moisture, allowing the shirt ⁢to dry faster and keeping you cooler during your workouts.

Q: Can this shirt protect me from harmful ⁣UV rays?
A: Yes, absolutely! The Hanes⁣ Sport Cool Dri Long ⁤Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt has a UPF rating of⁢ 40+, which means it offers excellent protection ​against the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can⁤ confidently exercise outdoors without worrying about sunburn.

Q: ​How does the FreshIQ technology work for odor protection?
A: FreshIQ technology is designed to combat odor-causing ⁤bacteria. By attacking these bacteria, it helps to keep your shirt smelling fresh even after intense workouts. You can focus on your workout and feel more ⁣confident knowing that‌ odors ⁢won’t be⁤ a concern.

Q: Is this shirt suitable⁤ for⁤ high-intensity workouts?
A: Absolutely! ⁤The Hanes Sport Cool‌ Dri Long Sleeve ‍Crewneck T-Shirt is specifically engineered for athletes and individuals who ⁢engage in high-intensity workouts. Its moisture-wicking properties and flat-seam construction⁤ work together to⁢ reduce irritation and ​chafing, allowing you to focus on pushing your ‍limits.

Q: How does the feminine fit of these shirts enhance ‌their style?
A: The feminine fit of the Hanes Sport‌ Cool ‌Dri Long​ Sleeve Crewneck​ T-Shirt ‍adds a touch‌ of style to your workout attire. ⁣These shirts are designed to flatter the female form,‌ making them suitable for ​both⁣ gym sessions and casual outings. You can look and feel great while ​staying comfortable and dry.

Q: What are the dimensions of this shirt?
A: The Hanes ⁢Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve‍ Crewneck T-Shirt‌ has product dimensions of 13 ⁣x 8 x 1 inches. It is designed to provide a comfortable and flattering fit for⁢ women.

Q: Is there a ‌specific model number for this shirt?
A:⁢ Yes, the ​model number for the Hanes Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt is O9308. ⁤This helps in identifying the specific design and features of the shirt.

Q: When was this shirt first available for purchase?
A: ⁣The Hanes Sport Cool Dri ‍Long Sleeve Crewneck ⁤T-Shirt became available for purchase on November ‍9,​ 2016. Since then, it has become a popular ⁤choice among women looking ​for comfortable and high-performing workout attire.

Q: Who manufactures ⁤the ⁢Hanes⁣ Sport Cool⁤ Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt?
A: The Hanes Sport Cool Dri Long ⁣Sleeve Crewneck ⁢T-Shirt is manufactured by Hanes Women’s Activewear. Hanes is ‍a well-known ⁤and trusted‍ brand in the activewear ‌industry, ensuring ‌the quality and durability of their products. ⁢

Embrace a New Era

In conclusion, if⁣ you’re looking to stay fresh and‍ dry during ‍your workouts, the Hanes⁤ Women’s ‌Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt is the‌ perfect choice. With its innovative‌ Cool DRI and FreshIQ technology, this ​performance tee ⁢will keep you comfortable and confident, ‍no matter how⁢ hard you push yourself.

The Cool DRI treated fabric ensures that your shirt dries​ faster, keeping you cooler‍ throughout⁢ your workout. Plus, it⁣ offers UPF⁢ 40+⁤ protection against harmful UV rays. And⁣ with FreshIQ advanced odor protection, you can say​ goodbye to any concerns about odor-causing bacteria.

Not only does this shirt deliver on performance, but it’s also designed with comfort in mind. The flat-seam construction ‍targets irritation points, eliminating worries about chafing. And the ‌feminine fit ensures that you look‍ great⁤ both at the gym and on the streets.

So why wait? ​Upgrade ‍your workout gear with the‌ Hanes Women’s Sport Cool Dri Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt. Experience the ultimate comfort, freshness, and style. Click here to‌ purchase now and take your‍ workouts to the ⁣next level: ⁣ Buy Now.

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